My Image Quality

WEB Display:

Displayed in my gallery are watermarked low resolution images of maximum size of 720 x 540 pixels which equates to a file of less than 100Kb, which I hope are good enough for you to view before purchase.  

Should you wish to view with the quality at maximum resolution email me with the image details; it will also have a watermark, but give you a better idea before you buy.

The full image size of my Canon EOS camera bodies are either  5472 x 3648 or 5184 x 3456 pixels; using the full frame sensors.  

Many of the images in the album are cropped, but an un-cropped image will be provided at all times for your own editing.

RAW & TIFF Images:

My Canon RAW images will be 20 Mb and upwards, the TIFF files considerably more. These files will be suitable for cropping and enlargement to A3 format without pixelation.  Other formats can be provided upon request.

JPEG Images:

These are supplied in the highest levels of resolution based upon full image sensor, but differ slightly between camera bodies.