Me as a Photographer

Pride in what I take:

I am a keen cyclist, and in cycling terms a veteran of quite some years.  Being a dedicated amateur photographer and enjoying being on a bike, I will try to bring the best quality of this sport in my pictures.

I do travel around to various events; Wellingborough being the centre of my activity. The events have to date, tended to be those that members of my own club participate, but with more time on my hands, I have decided to expand to other venues. I started a little late in 2013, my first year of 2014 was OK; and now, starting 2017 hopefully doing a little better.

Where the money goes:

I support a couple of charities and with part of the money I receive from sales, will go towards those organisations.  I do not rely upon photography to fund my existence on this earth, but it does go towards my travel expenses, the general administration and cost of my website, and in bringing pictures of you and others to enjoy looking at.


If you like my photos, let me know; if you don’t like what you have bought, get in touch and we can sort it.  Thank you for looking at my photos.